Telc Examination Centre

PSG Institute of Advanced Studies is now a distinguished TELC ExaminationCentre in India, conducting German language proficiency exams. The telc examination certificates arerecognized globally and can be used for Visa Applications, Job opportunities and also for university admissions in Germany. The German language holds great significance globally, given Germany’s cultural richness and economic influence. TELC exams play a crucial role in evaluating language skills at various levels. Recognized worldwide, these exams provide a standardized measure of language proficiency, promoting effective communication in the international arena. As the sole recognized and licensed TELC examination centre in India, PSG Institute of Advanced Studies is committed to linguistic excellence. By offering exams from A1 to C2 proficiency levels, the institution ensures a comprehensive assessment aligned with global standards, emphasizing its dedication to promoting the German language in India.

Details of Exam fees
  • telc German ( A1 and A2 ) – Rs 8100.00
  • telc German ( B1 and B2 ) – Rs 16650.00
  • telc German ( C1 ) – Rs 19500.00
Upcoming Examination
Exam Date Exam Level Register between
11.05.2024 telc B1 05.04.2024 – 11.04.2024
18.05.2024 telc B2 12.04.2024 – 18.04.2024